Company Overview

Imactiv-3D mission is to assess the efficacy of a molecule of interest by using innovative imaging and quantification tools, and by implementing powerful image processing algorithms on relevant 3D models.

The main challenge of the pharmaceutical industry today is to improve the predictivity of preclinical research. As the success rate of a drug candidate is low, and as drug development is long and costly, we need to address these issues by making research more effective. Imactiv-3D is a fee-for-services company born from the meeting between biology, imaging and image processing experts.

By working together, we have developed 3D imaging procedures to explore biological samples and image analysis algorithms to automatize and strengthen characterization and quantification on innovative 3D models. This complementary expertise along with our R&D service allow our customers to enhance their preclinical data as they can assess the efficacy of their compound or model with better biological relevance and reliability. See our services

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Our Expertise

Sample Preparation

Get your samples ready for high quality imaging

  • Optical clearing
  • Labelling
  • 3D Immuno-fluorescence in toto


Our know-how to get the best out of biological samples

  • Large range of microscopes
  • Imaging strategy
  • Wide variety of biological samples

Biological Models

Innovative models to better mimic the in vivo

  • 2D & 3D cell culture
  • Proliferation assays
  • 3D models analysis

Image Processing

Fast, reliable and tailor-made image analysis

  • Pre-processing
  • Quantification
  • Visualization

Some of our realizations

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