Get the best out of your 3-D sample


We bring you our expertise in biology, imaging and image processing to characterize your samples and quantify the effects of your molecules.


  • 3-D Spheroids
  • 3-D co-culture model
  • Hypoxia culture condition

Because of the ethical and societal considerations as well as the very high cost of animal testing, in vitro 3-D models that recapitulate normal or pathological human tissues are essential for understanding the intimate mechanisms of growth and for the development of new treatments. Spheroids or micro-tissues faithfully reproduce the organization of a tissue, recapitulating the cell-cell connections, cell-microenvironment and cellular heterogeneity found in the micro-regions of a tumor or organ. They are considered attractive models to assess the anti-proliferative activity of new drugs or genotoxic properties. The activity we offer is based on our strong expertise in the development of multicellular 3-D models from existing lines or from cells supplied by customers. We can support the assessment of a compound from 3-D cell culture, through the processing of 3-D models up to their three-dimensional exploration. We also propose culture in hypoxia and physoxia conditions of 3-D models grown either in suspension or in your scaffold.


  • 3-D Imaging
  • 3-D Illustration
  • 3-D Animation

How to explore and visualize the effects of new compounds? To fully exploit the capabilities of 3-D cell models, instead of an overall assessment, it is essential to preserve the 3-D regionalization level of analysis when investigating the effect of a drug. We provide a service to explore the dynamics of regionalization and the effects of new compounds in 3-D models. We will build for it on 2D and 3-D microscopy technologies like the most innovative light sheet microscopy, multi-photon (available on technological service platforms of ITAV). We also provide full imaging of your samples (up to 1 cm3): micro-tissues, organelles or fragments of bodies. These samples will undergo specific preparation according to the most appropriate imaging system.


  • Tailored analysis parameters identification
  • Specific Algorithm Development
  • Customized 3-D Quantification

How to characterize quantitatively the effects of new compounds? To get the most out of the experiments and make a decision with high confidence, we must be able to rely on numbers. We offer expert service in the characterization and quantification of all acquired data, including quantification of multiparametric images. We offer criteria for an objective assessment of the effects of molecules on multiple biological parameters of cells and tissues, such as the expression of target, viability, proliferation, cell cycle, 3-D organization, apoptosis, etc ...


Cells to in-vitro microtissues

Ex-vivo tissues and organs

Imaging Service

We suggest and implement the imaging strategy that best meets your needs

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Evaluation of drugs using 3D pre-clinical in vitro model
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Imaging of preadipocyte lipid droplet production
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Volume rendering of a Spheroid based on light sheet imaging


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Franck Gallardo

Franck Gallardo

CEO NeoVirTech SAS

We were looking for a solution to go deeper into image analysis and quantification using our autofluorescent viruses. We contacted Imactiv-3D for this goal. We were impressed by the quality, accuracy and robustness of the data they could provide in a short time. Their approach, combining state of the art image analysis platform with a deep knowledge of image acquisition, segmentation and quantification, allowed us to open a completely new perspective in live cell quantification of virus replication. Thank you Imactiv-3D for this precious and ongoing collaboration.

Patricia Sansilvestri-Morel / Stefano Chimenti

Patricia Sansilvestri-Morel / Stefano Chimenti

Cardiovascular Research Project Director / Director of Cardiovascular External Research & Innovation

Servier has found through this collaboration, an highly experienced partner. Imactiv 3D is a dynamic team, with a young, motivated and reactive crew. Imactiv 3D with its breakthrough technology has pushed the limits of whole heart imaging.

Mme Catherine Brenner-Jan

Mme Catherine Brenner-Jan

INSERM U1180-LabEx LERMIT / IPSIT-CIBLOT / Université Paris-Sud

I contacted the company IMACTIV 3D based in Toulouse with the aim of imaging the ability of small molecules to protect the heart of mice from the damage of ischemia-reperfusion. The contacts with the founder and the collaborators of IMACTIV3D were easy and fluid. They were very receptive to our requests. We are, from now on, very satisfied and impressed by their results. In the long term, they will go far beyond those obtained with the approaches conventionally used in the laboratory and will prove superior in terms of information, quantification and will reduce the number of animals.

Bernard Ducommun

Bernard Ducommun

Director of the Advanced Technology Institute in Life Sciences in Toulouse

The IMACTIV-3D company offers services for the evaluation by 3D imaging and quantitative image analysis on 3D models, tissue or organs. IMACTIV-3D offers expertise in research and development, and brings to its customers an essential support in the decision-making process. The creation and success of IMACTIV-3D demonstrates how the know-how and inventions from academic research can be valuated by starting a company.


The leitmotif of the Imactiv-3-D company is to meet the challenges of evaluation of active molecules:

Imactiv-3D supports pharmas and biotech companies in their development strategy, study or research on innovative and reliable predictive models to help them in their decision making. Imactiv-3D relies for this on three complementary expertise:


Aurelie Gomes

Aurelie Gomes

PHD Student

Aurelie received her M.Sc. degree in cellular and molecular biology in 2013 from the University of Toulouse. She was an engineer from 2013 to 2016 in the team « Innovation for the study of cell proliferation in 3D – IP3D » at the Institute of Advanced Technologies in Life sciences. She has mainly worked on 2D and 3D cell culture, observing them with various imaging systems (widefield, lightsheet). She joined Imactiv-3D in 2016 as an industrial PhD student to work on the physioxia impact on the effect of drugs targeting the cell cycle.

Marine Norlund

Marine Norlund

R&D project manager in biology and imaging

Marine graduated from the National Institut of Applied Sciences (INSA) specialized in biology in 2008 jointly with a master degree in cancerology. She undertook her PhD in anticancerous pharmacology at Pierre Fabre on chemoresistance of melanoma between 2008 and 2011. After a first experience of 2 years in Toulouse Tech Transfer (SATT midi-pyrenees) working on an industrial application of 3D culture of skin cells, she spent 3 years in Syntivia, a small compagny developping activ ingredients for cosmetic. She joined Imactiv-3D in 2017 as R&D project manager in biology and imaging.

Renaud Morin

Renaud Morin

R&D project manager in image processing

Renaud received the Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering from ENSEEIHT in 2010, jointly with a M.Sc. degree in Signal Processing. He then received his Ph.D. degree in Medical Image Processing from IRIT, University of Toulouse in 2013, with a thesis on resolution enhancement of medical ultrasound images and efficient deconvolution algorithms. He was a postdoctoral researcher at Ninewells Hospital, University of Dundee (UK) from 2013 to 2016, in collaboration with University College London, working on ultrasound image simulation of breast cancer and MRI to ultrasound 3D registration. He joined Imactiv-3D in 2017 and is now R&D project manager in image processing.

Jean-Michel Lagarde

Jean-Michel Lagarde

Founder and CEO

Jean-Michel is an Engineer in optics and image analysis, graduated of the National School of Physics of Marseille in 1990. He has over 20 years experience as project manager and head of a unit research in Imaging and Engineering of the skin in the Pierre Fabre Laboratories. After a first experience as Founder and President of a first company in 2012 in the field of aid in the early detection of melanoma, he now devotes to the development of Imactiv-3D bringing his skills in imaging, image treatment and corporate management.

Valérie Lobjois

Valérie Lobjois

Associate, Scientific Council

Valérie holds a PhD from the University of Toulouse and she is lecturer in cell and developmental biology. Valérie is a cancer biology specialist, and is co-leader of the team « Innovation for the study of cell proliferation in 3D – IP3D » at the Institute of Advanced Technologies in Life sciences. She brings to the company her expertise in handling and multimodal exploration of 3D models, especially for spatial-temporal exploration by 3D imaging techniques.