When biology, imaging and image processing experts come together

About Us

Imactiv-3D combines 3D imaging breakthrough with strong expertise both in experimental biology and image processing leading our customers and partners to exploit the full potential of their research work.

At Imactiv-3D, we believe that the high-level innovation in biological samples imaging should be supported by consistent skills to make it available to every preclinical research stakeholders. Our experts in biology, imaging and image processing work in synergy and interact daily to foster innovative solutions.

With 3D imaging, 3D cell models, and tailor-made image processing, we make sure your research project get the best out of the available technology.

Founded in 2015 by Jean-Michel Lagarde, Imactiv-3D is a fee-for-service company located in the heart of innovation in Toulouse (France), on the scientific campus Santé du Futur. The company is the result of academic research and entrepreneurial spirit brought together.

Our Team

Imactiv-3D team owns scientific knowledge, experience and strong expertise to provide innovative solutions and reliable data. Our multidisciplinary team expertise covers areas such as light sheet imaging, image and signal processing, mathematics, cell culture, oncology and more.

Jean-Michel Lagarde_imactiv-3d

Jean-Michel Lagarde

Founder and  CEO

Jean-Michel is an Engineer in optics and image analysis, graduated of the National School of Physics of Marseille in 1990. He has over 20 years experience as project manager and head of a unit research in Imaging and Engineering of the skin in the Pierre Fabre Laboratories. After a first experience as Founder and President of a first company in 2012 in the field of aid in the early detection of melanoma, he now devotes to the development of Imactiv-3D bringing his skills in imaging, image treatment and corporate management.


Valérie Lobjois, Ph.D._imactiv-3d

Valérie Lobjois, Ph.D.

Associate, Scientific Council

Valérie holds a PhD from the University of Toulouse and, since 2011, she is associate professor in cell and developmental biology. Valérie is a cell biologist specialist in cell cycle and cell proliferation regulation in complex systems. She brings to the company her expertise in handling and multimodal exploration of 3D models, especially for spatial-temporal exploration by 3D imaging techniques.


Renaud Morin, Ph.D._imactiv-3d

Renaud Morin, Ph.D.

R&D project manager in image processing

Renaud received the Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering from ENSEEIHT in 2010, jointly with a M.Sc. degree in Signal Processing. He then received his Ph.D. degree in Medical Image Processing from IRIT, University of Toulouse in 2013, with a thesis on resolution enhancement of medical ultrasound images and efficient deconvolution algorithms. He was a postdoctoral researcher at Ninewells Hospital, University of Dundee (UK) from 2013 to 2016, in collaboration with University College London, working on ultrasound image simulation of breast cancer and MRI to ultrasound 3D registration. He joined Imactiv-3D in 2017 and is now R&D project manager in image processing.


Marine Norlund, Ph.D._imactiv-3d

Marine Norlund, Ph.D.

R&D project manager in biology and imaging

Marine graduated from the National Institut of Applied Sciences (INSA) specialized in biology in 2008 jointly with a master degree in cancerology. She undertook her PhD in anticancerous pharmacology at Pierre Fabre on chemoresistance of melanoma between 2008 and 2011. After a first experience of 2 years in Toulouse Tech Transfer (SATT midi-pyrenees) working on an industrial application of 3D culture of skin cells, she spent 3 years in Syntivia, a small compagny developping activ ingredients for cosmetic. She joined Imactiv-3D in 2017 as R&D project manager in biology and imaging.


Aurélie Gomes, Ph.D._imactiv-3d

Aurélie Gomes, Ph.D.

R&D project manager in biology and imaging

Aurélie received her M.Sc. degree in cellular and molecular biology in 2013 from the University of Toulouse. She was an engineer from 2013 to 2016 in the team « Innovation for the study of cell proliferation in 3D – IP3D » at the Institute of Advanced Technologies in Life sciences. She has mainly worked on 2D and 3D cell culture, observing them with various imaging systems (widefield, lightsheet). She joined Imactiv-3D in 2016 as an industrial PhD student to work on the assessment of proliferation in tumor spheroids and successfully graduated in December 2019. Since then, she works as a R&D project manager in biology and imaging.


Clément Cazorla_imactiv-3d

Clément Cazorla

Ph.D. student in biomedical image processing

Clément graduated in Electronics Engineering from ENSEEIHT in 2017, jointly with a M.Sc. degree in Signal and Image Processing. He has been working as an image processing engineer for 3 years in earth observation at CNES and CS (Communication System), and in medical imaging at CReSTIC (Université de Reims), in collaboration with the American hospital of Reims. He joined Imactiv-3D in 2021 as an industrial Ph.D...


Pascale Bernes-Lasserre_imactiv-3d

Pascale Bernes-Lasserre

Biological Engineer

Pascale received her M.Sc. degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Lyon in 2020, with a specialization in skin biology. She joined Imactiv-3D in February 2021 as a biological engineer to support the laboratory team on several missions : 3d cell culture, process of the samples for imaging, performing light sheet microscopy acquisition.